How should we store our oysters?

Oysters must keep refrigerated below 10°C.

Once opened store below 5°C, consume within 10 Days from Date of Harvest.

We recommed not freezing the oysters.


Why we must keep oysters refrigerated?

When temperature of an unopened oyster gets above 10°C, bacterias starts to multiply and if consumed raw can cause severe illness.

For more infomation please read Vibrio Fact Sheet, Food Safety Fact Sheets by SafeFish.


Do you sell shucked oysters?



Is it difficult to shuck an oyster?

Not really. As long as you have a good sharp oyster knife and protection for your hands such as gloves or a tea towel it is a simple process. 

Video - Brendy showing how to shuck an oyster while keeping nice presentation

Facebook video  - Brendy showing how to shuck an oyster while keeping nice presentation


What type oyster do you farm/sell?

We farm Pacific oysters. This oyster is native to Japan and is the most widely farmed species of oyster in the world. 


How do you pick a good oyster?

Excellent compare to normal

Freshness is most important. Oysters in good condition that are packaged well and kept cool at all times will maintain their freshness well.

The flesh of an oyster in good condition should be glistening, fill the shell and have a pleasant ocean odour. A solid cream coloured flesh indicates a high level of glycogen, a see through body indicates a lack of.

Out of the two oysters pictured the one on left is in considerably better condition than the other.